Use Cases

AGILE modular gateway technology will be demonstrated thanks to 5 context-specific use-cases


Self-Tracking pilot

Demonstration of connecting commercial self-tracking devices (such as activity trackers, weighting scales and blood pressure monitors) and collecting data on AGILE gateway while using the developer’s and data management environment to share data with trusted users (e.g., family members, family doctor) and create apps that combine user physical status data with online services (e.g., motivation apps, gamification apps, etc.).

Open Space monitoring through UAVs

Putting the AGILE gateway on a flying drone will enable the monitoring of agriculture fields and fields with livestock in real time with no need for fixed gateway deployment and wireless network coverage. In the context of the pilot, an AGILE maker’s version gateway will be deployed in 3 (at least) drone vehicles manufactured by SkyWatch and will be used in at least 3 outdoor locations (open fields) for monitoring crops and livestock through soil and livestock activity sensors.

Smart retail pilot

AGILE gateway will be used to offer retail services to shop owners with respect to monitoring shopping activity inside stores and better manage notifications to clients Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Air quality and pollution monitoring pilot

The pilot will realise a modular pollution monitoring system based on the industrial version of the AGILE modular gateway (see WP1 description). Regarding hardware modularity, this use case is focused on the networking and sensing modules (electromagnetic radiations, radioactivity, temperature, humidity, etc.).

AGILE IoT Testbed

The testbed, leveraging the existing IoT-Lab infrastructure by INRIA, will provide an opportunity to existing IoT-Lab users and the AGILE users to experiment by developing AGILE apps and deploying them in gateways remotely for controlling the IoT devices offered by the IoT-Lab.